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Dear members of the community,

The HION team is very happy to announce our new partnership with the Fonsart Foundation for the realization of a digital publishing project dedicated to the history of international Geneva. This storytelling project is both based on and inspired by the exceptionally rich audiovisual archives of the Radio Télévision Suisse (RTS), institutional archives of international organizations and associations collections, and private papers. It offers a multilayered history and a deeper analysis of the complex history of internationalism in Geneva and international cooperation since the turn of the 20th Century. Told through the written word, video, audio and photography, the public history of the international Geneva offers opportunities to explore the way in which, institutional memory and testimony drive our understanding of peace, war, international cooperation, as well as resilience, resistance and hope and the place of the City of Calvin in the wider world.

From autumn 2022, members of the HION community will be able to contribute directly to the development of this project, by making available their expertise on the history of international organizations and internationalism in Geneva, and by publishing content directly on the platform. You will be able to contribute directly to the writing of a shared history of international Geneva by publishing and promoting your private archives and the digitized archives of international organizations at your disposal. You may also submit your ideas for thematic dossiers on the history of international Geneva directly to the HION team using our mailing address.


  • HION launches its Podcast series!

Listen to our first podcast on the "Resilient Humanitarianism" project presented by Dr. Romain Fathi (Flinders University)






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