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HION aims at uniting the many researchers working on the history of international organizations and promoting collaboration between researchers, archivists of international organizations, and international civil servants. The history of international organizations is a relatively new research field, and no obvious national or international society or institution exists yet to promote and coordinate these dispersed research activities. The HION website seeks to fill this gap by becoming the pre-eminent virtual forum for researchers, archivists, and the growing number of scholars and PhD students worldwide working on topics related to the history of international organizations to keep in touch with one another.

Why to Become a Member

Members benefit from resources that allow them to make their scientific and academic activities visible. They have the possibility to disseminate their publications and projects on this site (organization of colloquiums, conferences, workshops). They can also use this platform to launch calls for collaborative research projects, using our Chat. They also have the possibility to communicate directly with the members of the network, to exchange information, archival documents and other documentary resources or to obtain advice for the development of their own research project. Finally, members can get access to our Newsletter. Becoming a member of the HION thus offers a series of important tools for the valorisation of researchers' career paths and for the development of a research network.

HION in the Covid Context

The coronavirus epidemic and containment have disrupted our research practices. Many of us have been hard hit by the isolation associated with quarantine and the subsequent closure of universities  and archive centers. Aware of the threats weighing on research, Prof. Sandrine Kott, Prof. Davide Rodogno and Dr. Véronique Stenger wish to see the HION playing a role as an intermediary with the archive centers of international organizations. We also would like to encourage researchers to share  their knowledge based on their documentary resources. We are in the process of reflecting on the role the HION could play in building new solidarities between researchers.

In the meantime, we have drafted a petition whose objective is to facilitate access to the archives of international organizations. The petition is now being disseminated more widely via a download link on the internet:


Our Petition is getting more and more attention.  We collected 1092 signatures! Thank you again for your support!

Our petition is also circulating in the press and on other internet platforms!

The November issue of our Newsletter is available.



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