About us



HION aims at: 

  1. Uniting the many researchers working on the history of international organizations
  2. Promoting collaboration between researchers, archivists of international organizations, and international civil servants, particularly those in charge of institutional history projects.


Becoming a member


By joining, researchers and archivists will:

  • become a member of a diverse and welcoming scientific community
  • be able to connect with researchers and archivists conducting related research
  • have a space to publicize their work, recent research, and other resources


Through this network, HION aspires to become the reference for the history of international organizations on the web. We hope this website will bring historians, international civil servants and archivists with similar interests, but dispersed around the globe, together, in order to explore ways in which we might help one another intellectually and practically.


We encourage all interested parties and institutions to exchange information on current projects, research findings, and publications, as well as the opening of new archives all over the world.




The success of HION’s conferences and seminars reflects the growing interest of academia, archivists and civil servants of the very organizations being studied, for such a collaborative effort.  It is little wonder: international organizations provide excellent case studies for global and transnational research in historical or current issues.


Researchers of and specialists in human rights, humanitarian action, international migration, refugees, epidemics, population issue, environmental issues, social politics, and many other pertinent issues, are more and more frequently turning to the documentation produced by international organizations (ICRC, League of Nations, ILO, UN, HCR, WHO, UNESCO, and many others).


The history of international organizations is a relatively new research field, and no obvious national or international society or institution exists yet to promote and coordinate these dispersed research activities. The HION website seeks to fill this gap by becoming the pre-eminent virtual forum for researchers, archivists, and the growing number of scholars and PhD students worldwide working on topics related to the history of international organizations to keep in touch with one another.




The HION Group was founded in Geneva in Autumn 2008 by Professors Sandrine Kott (University of Geneva), Daniel Palmieri (ICRC) and Davide Rodogno (Graduate Institute). In 2013, Blandine Blukacz-Louisfert (UN, Institutional Memory Section) joined the Group.