Centenary of International Organisations

In a world threatened by a new wave of nationalisms, the centenary of the international organisations (1919-2019) offers to the wider public, students and scholars of various disciplines the opportunity of critically engaging the ideals promoting international cooperation and peace that led to the emergence of the Genève Internationale

Thanks to the University of Geneva and to the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, the HION set up a virtual platform informing on initiatives that will take place before, during and after the centenary. We warmly invite HION members and non-members alike to add new events and publications related - directly or indirectly - to the Centenary.

Initiatives encompass publications, scholarly and practitioners' workshops or conferences, and public events intended for wider audiences taking place in Geneva and everywhere else in the world. The purpose of the new HION platform is ultimately to enhance the dialogue, exchange and collaboration among those who think that international organisations, their activities and practices, ideals and ideologies, politics and history deserve to be studied.

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