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Christophe Dupin

Senior Administrator

FIAF Historical Archives

Fields of Expertise


Christophe Dupin is the Senior Administrator of the International Federation of Film Archives (FIAF), the Executive Publisher of the Journal of Film Preservation, and a film historian. Previously, he worked for the British Film Institute (1999-2004) while writing a PhD thesis on the history of the BFI as a film producer, and later co-led a five-year research project on the BFI’s history at Queen Mary – University of London, which resulted in the publication of The British Film Institute, the Government and Film Culture, 1933-2004 (Manchester University Press, 2012), co-edited with Geoffrey Nowell-Smith. He has also researched Britain’s Free Cinema movement, about which he produced a DVD box-set (BFI, 2006) and co-edited Lindsay Anderson Revisited (Palgrave Macmillan, 2016), a collection of new writings about the British filmmaker. His current research topic is the history of FIAF and the international film archive movement.



Co-editor and main writer of a forthcoming book on the history of the International Federation of Film Archives (FIAF).

Co-editor with Erik Hedling of the book Lindsay Anderson Revisited (Palgrave Macmillan, 2016). Co-author of the introduction; author of one of the chapters.

Co-editor with Geoffrey Nowell-Smith of the book The British Film Institute, the Government and Film Culture, (Manchester University Press, 2012; paperback re-issue: 2014). Co-author of the introduction; author of three of the chapters.


Published Articles/Chapters:

“Un outil chrono-cartographique pour l’histoire de la communauté des archives du film : la base historique des affiliés de la FIAF”, 1895, Revue d’histoire du cinéma, n°91, été 2020, pp.153-163.

“Le congrès 1978 de la FIAF à Brighton : un « Woodstock » des archives du film ?”, in Christophe Gauthier (ed), Patrimoine et patrimonialisation du cinéma, Paris: Ecole des chartes, 2020.

"The FIAF Information Bulletin and the Journal of Film Preservation: a historical overview", Journal of Film Preservation, Issue 100, April 2019, pp.8-19.

"FIAF: From a promising start to forced hibernation (1938-1945)", Journal of Film Preservation, Issue 99, October 2018, pp.76-89.

“A la recherche du fonds perdu : les archives historiques de la FIAF”, Archives et Bibliothèques de Belgique, 2014.

"First tango in Paris: The birth of FIAF, 1936-1938", Journal of Film Preservation, Issue 88, April 2013, pp. 42-58.

“The BFI and Independent British Cinema in the 1970s”, in Robert Shail (ed), British Cinema of the 1970s, (BFI, 2008).

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"Early Days of Short Film Production at the British Film Institute: Origins and Evolution of the BFI Experimental Film Fund (1952-1966)", Journal of Media Practice, 7:2 (2003).


Selected Conference Papers:

“FIAF’s Unified Film Catalogues: A Successful Example of International Cooperation Between Film Archives”, Film Restored Film Heritage Festival, Berlin, 28 October 2020.

“80 Years of Sharing at FIAF”, 2018 FIAF Congress, Prague, 23 April 2018.

Film and Reality ou la naissance du film de compilation didactique sur l’histoire du cinéma”, Journée d’Étude Internationale: Monter / Démonter l'histoire du cinéma, 1 June 2018, Institut d’histoire du temps present, Paris.

“Le Congrès 1978 de la FIAF à Brighton : un « Woodstock » des archives du film ?”, Colloque: “Patrimoine et patrimonialisation du cinema depuis les années 1960”, Ecole des chartes, Paris, 24 November 2016

Ernest Lindgren, the “Anti-Langlois”. Festival Il Cinema Ritrovato, Bologna, 29 June 2016.

“Cinémathèques et ciné-clubs: le cas britannique (1925-1955)”, Cinémathèque Suisse/Université de Lausanne, 8 avril 2016.
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“BFI Summer Schools, 1935-1989”, Film and Memory: Scottish Consortium for Film and Visual Studies Annual Conference, University of Stirling, 9 June 2011.

“Free Cinema: A Turning Point or a Footnote of British Cinema?”, Queen Mary - University of London, 20 March 2006; BFI Media Studies Conference, 6 July 2006; Exeter Phoenix cinema, 6 December 2007; University of Lund, 20 May 2011.

“Robert Vas and Free Cinema”, Tate Modern, 5 October 2009.

 “Channel Crossing: Free Cinema and the Nouvelle Vague, 1956-1963”, Celebrating Fifty Years of the Nouvelle Vague Conference, Kings College London/University of Southampton, Institut francais, London, 13th March 2009.

“Before Film Studies: The BFI and Film Education, 1933-1966”, Concordia University, Montreal, 19 October 2007.

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“The Revolution of the British Film Institute in the Late 1940s and its Impact on Film Culture in Britain”, Opening Plenary paper, Screen Studies Conference, Glasgow, 1 July 2005.