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Kim Moloney

Senior Lecturer in Global Public Administration and Policy



Background: I am fascinated by the actors, institutions, and processes of government life. To understand difference, social justice, and inequality, one must interact with states, governments, civil society, corporations, and our global governance system. This includes an understanding of how power, ethics, and social justice intersect with accountability, transparency, legitimacy, and representation.

My academic training has encompassed International Relations, Economics, and Public Administration along with Latin America, the Caribbean, and sub-Saharan Africa. Recent academic practice has focused largely on the administrative life of international organizations (e.g. personnel management, whistle blowing, stakeholder power) and various public sector management issues within the Caribbean along with a bit of the South Pacific. More broadly, my life experiences and as such, my academic life and its practice, have been shaped by working abroad on six continents and in nine countries: United States, England, New Zealand, Zambia, Kenya, Peru, Jamaica, South Korea, and now, Australia. 

Research Area: The intersection of public administration, international organizations, and global governance with a particular focus on international civil servants, public personnel management, whistle blowing, global administrative law, administrative tribunals, and stakeholder power.

Topical Interests: 

  1. Current Topic (2017-2018): Administrative Life of International Organizations: sole- and co-authored papers in process on international civil servant whistle blowers, the budget (non-) transparency of international organizations, and public personnel management issues within international organizations.
  2. Emerging Topic (2018/9-forward): International Organization Accountability & Legitimacy Challenges: Current research, prior publications, prior work on international civil servant stakeholders (PhD), and an emergent interest in international administrative tribunals will coalesce into one or more of the following: (a) how our public administration disciplinary knowledge might interact with international organization administrative life; (b) using public administration’s disciplinary knowledge to understand IO accountability and legitimacy challenges along with the challenges of transparency and representation within global governance. An ideal research configuration will have either a primary or secondary focus on the multilateral development banks or IOs/regional organizations with headquarters in Asia and/or Caribbean/Pacific island-states.


IO-related Publications Only. For full list, see:

Book Editor (Oxford University Press Handbook)

2019 (17 Jan; forthcoming). Stone, Diane; Moloney, Kim (Editors). Oxford Handbook of Global Policy and Transnational Administration, Oxford UK: Oxford University Press. ISBN: 9780198758648. See: 

Refereed Journals

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2010. Moloney, Kim; Gulrajani, Nilima. “Globalized World, Globalized Research, Version 20.20,” Public Administration Review, 70 (Special Issue): s298-s299. Co-Author: Nilima Gulrajani. DOI: 10.1111/j.1540-6210.2010.02291.x

2009. Moloney, Kim. “Public Administration and Governance: A Sector-Level Analysis of World Bank Aid,” International Review of Administrative Sciences, 75(4): 609-627. DOI: 10.1177/0020852309349432

Book Chapters

2019 (17 Jan; forthcoming). “Framing Transnational Administration and Global Public Policy: Emerging Trends, Multidisciplinary Discussions,” in Oxford University Press Handbook on Global Public Policy and Transnational Administration, Diane Stone and Kim Moloney (Eds.), Oxford University Press. Co-author: Diane Stone. ISBN: 9780198758648. See: 

2019 (17 Jan; forthcoming). “International Civil Servant Management: A Personnel-Influenced Research Agenda,” in Oxford University Press Handbook on Global Public Policy and Transnational Administration, Diane Stone and Kim Moloney (Eds.), Oxford University Press. No co-author. ISBN: 9780198758648. See: 

2019 (17 Jan; forthcoming). “International Organizations, Civil Servants, and Whistleblowing,” in Oxford University Press Handbook on Global Public Policy and Transnational Administration, Diane Stone and Kim Moloney (Eds.), Oxford University Press. Co-authors: Jim Bowman, Jonathan West. ISBN: 9780198758648. See: