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Articles and Books

Transnational Administration of Regional and Global Policies Diane Stone Kim Moloney
Crashing Waves and Rising Tides: The Case for UN 2.0 Antonio Donini
Social Reform, Modernization and Technical Diplomacy. The ILO Contribution to Development (1930–1946) Veronique Stenger
GATT and Global Order in the Postwar Era Francine McKenzie
Creating Space for Public Administration in International Organization Studies David H. Rosenbloom Kim Moloney
ILO Library: knowledge centre on the world of work Edit Horvàth
Challenges Confronting Whistleblowing and the International Civil Servant James S. Bowman, Jonathan P. West Kim Moloney
Beyond the State: Global Policy and Transnational Administration Diane Stone Kim Moloney
Building a Global Representation of Trade through International Quantification: the League of Nations’ Unification of Methods in Economic Statistics Roser Cusso
Reading Room: Eric Drummond and his Legacies Professor James Cotton
Mapping Internationalism: Congresses and Organisations in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries Marco Van Leeuwen Martin Grandjean
Eric Drummond and his Legacies: The League of Nations and the Beginnings of Global Governance David Macfadyen, Michael D. V. Davies, Marilyn Norah Carr, John Burley David Macfadyen, Michael Davies, John Burley
Oxford Handbook of Global Policy and Transnational Administration Diane Stone Kim Moloney
Planning in Cold War Europe. Competition, Cooperation, Circulation (1950s-1970s.) Michel Christian, , Ondrej Matejka Sandrine Kott
The Institution of International Order: From the League of Nations to the United Nations Alanna O'Malley, Simon Jackson
Les réseaux de la coopération intellectuelle. La Société des Nations comme actrice des échanges scientifiques et culturel dans l'entre-deux-guerres Martin Grandjean
Les réseaux de la coopération intellectuelle. La Société des Nations comme actrice des échanges scientifiques et culturels dans l'entre-deux-guerres Martin Grandjean
War veterans as transnational actors: politics, alliances and networks in the interwar period Ángel Alcalde Angel Alcalde
Papal Diplomacy by Proxy? Catholic Internationalism at the League of Nations’ International Committee on Intellectual Cooperation, 1922–1939 Cormac Shine
Partial Two-Way Mirror: International Organization Budget Transparency Rayna Stoycheva Kim Moloney
The Diplomacy of Decolonisation, America, Britain and the United Nations during the Congo crisis 1960-64 Alanna O'Malley
Dangerous Diplomacy: Bureaucracy, Power Politics, and the Role of the UN Secretariat in Rwanda Herman T. Salton
Section thématique: Quand l’international passe au vert. L’appropriation de la question environnementale par les organisations internationales Swann Bommier Lucile Maertens, Marieke Louis, Lukas Schemper
International Organization in Time: Fragmentation and Reform Tine Hanrieder
Les dynamiques de la rhétorique humanitaire : Suisse, États-Unis et autres neutres Cedric Cotter, Irène Herrmann
Pluralism, Tripartism and the Foundation of the International Labour Organization Valerio Torreggiani
The history of international organization(s) Bob Reinalda
International Secretariats: Two Centuries of International Civil Servants and Secretariats Bob Reinalda
Revisiting the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO): International Histories of Agriculture, Nutrition,and Development Corinne A. Pernet, Amalia Ribi Forclaz
Sadruddin Aga Khan and the 1971 East Pakistani crisis: Refugees and mediation in light of the records of the office of the High Commissioner for Refugees David Myard